Real Flight Simulator G4


The Most Realistic Recreation of R/C Flight ever!

Enjoy unsurpassed flight sim flexibility and fun, thanks to the enhanced InterLink Elite controller. With a design inspired by the popular Futaba 6EX system, the Elite delivers flight-friendly features such as digital trims and a built-in interface for those who'd rather use their own transmitter. QuickSelect lets you make on-the-spot changes — such as aircraft and flight field choices — right from the controller. The Instant Reset button makes keyboard starts a thing of the past, while MultiMode allows the controller and interface to be used for simultaneous split-screen flying with a friend — a feature you won't find on any other R/C flight sim. RealFlight is also Internet-ready, giving new and experienced pilots alike the chance to test — and improve — their skills against other flyers around the globe. With all these amazing features, RealFlight G4 offers R/C pilots the best virtual flying experience anywhere.

Note: The USB InterLink Elite Controller can be used as an interface with most 4-12 channel, FM or PPM-selectable radios which include a trainer system jack. The connectors on the InterLink cord and included adapter are compatible with the trainer jacks on most Futaba and Tower Hobbies radios and all Hitec and JR systems. InterLink Plus use with Airtronics/Sanwa radios requires a special adapter ( available separately ). The USB InterLink Plus Controller is compatible ONLY with the software it accompanies and G3 Expansion Packs. It is not compatible with any other manufacturer's software nor with RealFlight Classic, Deluxe, G2, G2 Lite, or G2 Add-Ons disks.

RealFlight G4 is unquestionably the best R/C Flight sim EVER thanks to:
  • Over 60 aircraft choices — several equipped with floats!
  • Over 25 flying sites — several featuring water!
  • Take off — or land — on water!
  • Water sites include floating, reactive objects that add realism — and cause damage when they're hit.
  • More VFI segments, including tutoring by John Glezellis.
  • Night flying — including a 3D carnival site.
  • 4D flying with variable pitch props.
  • 3D sites with over 5000 square miles of digitally created TruLife™ terrain.
  • TruFlo™ wind dynamics.
  • Unparalleled collision detection.
  • Streamers.
  • Torque Roll training.
  • FlexiField™ flying site editor.
  • AccuModel™ aircraft editor with ReadySelect™ preview box.
  • Heli Orientation training.
  • Counter-rotating heli blades simplify and speed learning to hover.
  • Fully compatible with all 4 Expansion Packs!

Float Flying
With RealFlight, flight sim fans have been able to perform amazing aerobatics for over 10 years. Now, RealFlight tops itself by letting you fly float-equipped aircraft on and off water! With G4, airplanes and helis react realistically when they collide with objects floating in constantly shifting water. Fly in such living, breathing 3D locales as a desert island, Sierra Nevada's Alpine Lake – even the remains of a pirate ship!
Great Planes RealFlight G4 R/C Flight Simulator Great Planes RealFlight G4 R/C Flight Simulator
John Glezellis - Flight Instructor RealPhysics™ 3D Flight Performance
Great Planes RealFlight G4 R/C Flight Simulator One of RealFlight's most popular features is its ability to teach new pilots how to fly with Virtual Flight Instructors. Acclaimed pilot John Glezellis continues this tradition by providing you with expert-level coaching tips on how to improve your airplane flying skills. As you listen, picture-in-picture videos simultaneously show proper stick movements and the maneuvers they create!
Great Planes RealFlight G4 R/C Flight Simulator
Ask any R/C pilot what affects flight performance the most and they'll likely respond with an aircraft's physics. RealFlight is the flight sim that best reproduces realistic flight conditions. Fly in windy weather or crash into objects — both will affect your craft's handling and performance. With RealFlight G4, you can choose where and what to fly, add floats or streamers — even receive advice from famous pilots! With all these amazing features, why fly with anything other than RealFlight?
New Flying Sites!
  • 3D Alpine Lake Site
  • 3D DS Ridgeline
  • 3D Lake Vista
  • 3D Sierra Nevada Cliff
  • 3D Thermal Park
  • PhotoField Evergreen Airport
  • PhotoField Marooned Site (water)
  • PhotoField Sandy Point Site (water)
  • PhotoField Shipwreck Site (water)
  • PhotoField Lake Douglas
Great Planes RealFlight G4 R/C Flight Simulator
PhotoField Sandy Point Site
Great Planes RealFlight G4 R/C Flight Simulator
PhotoField Shipwreck Site
Great Planes RealFlight G4 R/C Flight Simulator
3D Alpine Lake Site
New Aircraft!
  • Bell H-13 w/Floats
  • ElectriFly™ PBY Catalina
  • Extra 300L
  • Great Planes® Big Stik™
  • Great Planes Big Stik™ w/Floats
  • Impala .30 Heli w/Floats
  • J-3 Piper Cub
  • J-3 Piper Cub w/Floats
  • Seawind™
  • SkyShip
Great Planes RealFlight G4 R/C Flight Simulator
Extra 300L
Great Planes RealFlight G4 R/C Flight Simulator
Great Planes RealFlight G4 R/C Flight Simulator
ElectriFly PBY Catalina
Great Planes RealFlight G4 R/C Flight Simulator
Great Planes Big Stik w/Floats
Minimum Recommended System
Some graphical features may be disabled.
Aerodynamic Calculations will still be high quality.
Windows 98* SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista
Intel Pentium 1.0GHz or equivalent
512 MB RAM
3 GB hard drive space
3D accelerated video with: 32 MB dedicated video memory, full Windows DirectX 9 compliant (Pixel Shader 1.4 support)
Optimal System
For best graphical performance
Dual Core 2.4GHz CPU
3D Accelerated Video with: 256 MB dedicated video memory, Pixel Shader 2.0 support
Multiplayer Requirements:
56.6 Kbps (or faster) modem or LAN connection
Interlink Elite Controller Requirements
USB port
Compatible FM or FM-selectable transmitter (if using interface mode)
*Local administrator access required.
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.


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