This is the Futaba 7CAF 7-Channel Computer Aircraft Radio with the R127DF FM Receiver and four S3004 Ball Bearing Servos.

10-model memory and 6-character model naming. Same Dial n' Key programming found on Futaba's 9C systems. Basic menu for everyday sport flying, Advanced menu for more complicated routines Heli and airplane control layouts in FM or PCM.

Airplane specific features:
Flap Trim
Air Brake
Elevator to Flap
Flap to Elevator
V-Tail Mixing
Elevon Mixing
Aileron to Rudder
Mode Select feature
Adjustable throttle cut
Throttle curve normal (5 points)
Pitch curve normal (5 points)
Three programmable mixes
VR switch controls proportional 7th channel
EEPROM memory feature retains settings even when transmitter battery
is disconnected or removed. Mode select feature. Dual Rates on 4 Channels
Triple rates available if using the 3 position switch. Full function trainer system, trainer cord not included use FUTM44155 or FUTM4420
One year limited warranty.

One Futaba 7CAF 7-Channel Aircraft Radio with
Four S3004 Ball Bearing Servos, FUTM0004
R127DF FM receiver, FUTL0702, FUTL0703
600mAh NT8S600B TX battery, FUTM1457
600mAh NR-4J RX battery, FUTM1280
FBC-19B (4) Wall charger, FUTM1830
Servo accessory bag, frequency flag set, neck strap, on/off switch, and instruction manual.

Charging batteries overnight before use
SPECS: Transmitter:
Transmitting Frequency: 72 MHz band
Modulation: FM/PPM or PCM, switchable
Power Supply: 9.6V NT8S600B NiCd battery
Current Drain: 250 mA
FP-R127DF PCM Dual Conversion Receiver:
Receiving Frequency: 72 MHz band
Intermediate Frequency: 10.7 MHz & 455 kHz
Power Requirement: 4.8 - 6V NiCd battery
Current Drain: 10 mA
Size: 2.53" x 1.41" x 0.83" (64.3mm x 35.8mm x 21mm)
Weight: 1.42 oz (40.3g)
S3004 Standard Size Ball Bearing Servo:
Control System: Pulse width control, 1.52 ms neutral
Power Requirement: 4.8V-6V
Output Torque: 44 .4oz/in (3.2kg-cm) at 4.8V
Operating Speed: 0.23 sec/60 at 4.8V
Size 1.59" x 0.79" x 1.41" (40.4mm x 19.8mm x 36mm)
Weight: 1.31 oz (37.2g)

Although this is the 7CAF system, the transmitter has a T7CAP sticker
on it meaning it is PCM or FM/PPM compatible.

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