This is the Futaba SkySport 6YG Radio Control System.

Note: This radio Can Not be converted to Mode 1 (per Futaba Services). This Futaba radio is diode protected to prevent overcharging, which means that
the battery cannot be discharged through the transmitter.

Available in 72MHz for aircraft or 75MHz for surface (ground) useage.
Transmitter case is metallic silver with black accents.
Ergonomic case design is easy to hold, having grip strips molded-into the rear of the transmitter on both sides. Trainer Switch instead of a button design. The toggle switch is easy to hold in the trainer position during extended student flights. Aileron and Elevator Dual Rates are both activated by a single toggle switch on the upper left side of the transmitter. Each rate can be independently adjusted by turning the pots located on the upper right side of the transmitter. All 6 channels have Servo Reversing. Switches are located on the front panel of the transmitter for easy access, and are recessed behind a smoked plastic sliding panel. Throttle ATV has both high and low setting pots. These are also located on the front panel of the transmitter, recessed behind the smoked plastic sliding panel. Flap knob is fully proportional for fine-tuning control. On/Off Switch is located on the bottom right corner of the transmitter, making it nearly impossible to accidentally shut the radio off while in-flight.
Charging jack for recharging the in-transmitter NiCd battery with the included charger. Both transmitter and receiver batteries have male Futaba J plugs for easier battery cycling (see COMMENTS).
Mechanical trims for all four channels. Antenna unscrews for easy storage or replacement. Battery output meter for at-a-glance transmitter voltage status.
Built-in trainer system is compatible with all other Futaba J FM trainer systems (trainer cord NOT included)

The 6YG comes standard with S3004 Deluxe Ball Bearing Servos for
smoother operation. One year limited warranty.

One Transmitter No Number
One Tx Antenna FUTM5040
One R127DF Receiver FUTL43**
Four S3004 Ball Bearing Servos FUTM0004
One 600 mAh Tx NiCd Battery (NT8F600B) FUTM1440
One 600 mAh Rx NiCd Battery (NR4QB) FUTM1295
One Tx and Rx Battery Charger FUTM1800
One Switch Harness FUTM4370
One 9" Servo Extension FUTM3910
Four servo Accessory Package FUTM3551 (includes four)
One 2+1 Servo Tray FUTM2670
One Set Frequency Flags No Number
Black Nylon Tx Neck Strap No Number
* Trainer Cord FUTM4410
* Trainer Box FUTM4375

This radio is Diode Protected so the transmitter battery Can Not be discharged/cycled while in the transmitter. Battery dischargers and voltmeters Will Not work with this transmitter. To cycle the transmitter battery, take it out of transmitter and cycle it directly. The transmitter battery has a male Futaba J connector plugged into the transmitter near the battery compartment. Simply
unplug the battery and use a female J connector with the cycler to discharge and recharge the battery.

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