This is the Futaba 4YF 4-Channel FM Radio System
with 4 S3004 Ball Bearing Servos.

FEATURES: All-channel servo reversing for more installation options Transmitter and receiver NiCds made from genuine Sanyo cells can be recharged simultaneously with the included 50mA overnight charger Power and servo reversing switches are located down and out of the way for convenience and to avoid accidental changes. The battery meter features one green and one red LED for easy-to-read go/no go status.
Dual conversion R127DF narrow-band FM receiver. Ball bearing servos for smoother operation than standard servos. Spring loaded trainer toggle switch for instant "OFF". Gimbals have knurled tops for a better "feel" on the sticks and to prevent finger slippage.
One year limited warranty.

INCLUDES: One Futaba 4YF 4-channel FM radio system with NiCd batteries, charger frequency flags, neck strap, servo tray, switch harness, four S3004 servos, and servo mounting hardware.

REQUIRES: Charging batteries overnight


Modulation Method: FM (frequency modulation)
Power Requirement: 9.6V NiCd battery
Curent Drain: 180mA
Trainer cord port is a micro port (Square)
R127DF Receiver: (FUTL0702, FUTL0703, FUTL0704)
Narrow Band: 20kHz
Intermediate Frequency- 1st IF: 10.7MHz
2nd IF: 455kHz
Power Requirements: 4.8 to 6.0V (shared with servos)
Current Drain: 10mA
Length: 2.52" (64.3mm)
Width: 1.39" (35.8mm)
Height: 0.82" (21.0mm)
Weight: 1.5oz (40.5g)
Charger: FBC-8B(4) (FUTM1800)
Input: 120V AC 60Hz 4W
Output: Tx 9.6VDC 50mA
Rx 4.8VDC 50mA
Tx battery: 600mAh (FUTM1440)
Rx battery: 600mAh (FUTM1295)
Bands: 72,75MHz
S3004 Ball Bearing Servo FUTM0004
Speed: 0.23 sec/60 degrees at 4.8V
0.19 sec/60 degrees at 6.0V
Torque: 44.3 ounces-inches (3.2kg-cm) at 4.8V
56.8 ounces-inches (4.1kg-cm) at 6.0V
Length: 1.59" (40.4mm)
Width: 0.78" (19.8mm)
Height: 1.42" (36mm)
Weight: 1.30 ounce (38 grams)
Connector: "J" type with approx. 5" wire

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