SuperTigre's new G-75 is an updated version of the S75-K.

The main differences between the two engines are that the G-75 is a one-piece crankcase (the S75-K was a two-piece) and the G-75's muffler is a bolt-through-the-crank-case (where the S-75Ks bolted onto the crankcase).

Ringed piston
Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft
Unique bolt through muffler that uses muffler bolts, lock washers,
and nuts to hold the muffler to the engine (no more stripped
threads on the crankcase or muffler).
Schnuerle scavenged
3-Year Warranty

One Assembled G75 Engine w/Glow Plug
One Muffler
One Exhaust Stack w/Gasket, Pressure Fitting, and Mounting Hardware
One Carburettor
One Set of Instructions, Parts Diagram, and SuperTigre decals

Bore: 1.024" (26mm)
Displacement: .75 cubic inches (12.21cc)
Output: 2.18 bhp at 15,600 rpm
RPM Range: 2,500-16,000
Stroke: .906" (23mm)
Weight w/o muffler: 588g (20.63oz)
Weight with muffler: 766g (27.0oz)
Width between centers of mounting holes: 50mm (1.97")
Length between centers of mounting holes: 20mm (.79")
Width of crankcase excluding mounting flanges: 42mm (1.65")
Length from backplate to front of drive washer: 97mm (3.82")
Height from bottom of crankcase to top of head: 105mm 4.13")
Crankshaft size: 5/16-24
Suggested prop size: 12x6, 13x6

18% oil content MINIMUM. A synthetic/castor blend is highly recommended. 10%-15% Nitromethane will work well. Higher levels of Nitromethane may require adjustment of the compression ratio to prevent detonation.

Since this engine uses the exhaust stack from the S-75K, some after-market mufflers will fit this engine (using the muffler screws from the G75) and some will not. Check the optionals in the Accessory Completion Guide for after-market exhaust systems that will work.

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