O.S. 15 CVA

This is the OS Max 15CV-A R/C Airplane Engine With Muffler.
Add "CV" power to your racing or combat models with this airplane version of OS Max's popular buggy engine.

Based on the .15 CV Buggy Engine, this engine was adapted for air-craft use with an aircraft style cylinder head, rotary carb, and a remote needle valve to reduce chance of injury from spinning props. Front and rear crankshaft bearings for increased power and long life. Two year warranty against manufacturing defects in parts and workman-ship.

One 15CV-A R/C Airplane Engine with #871 Muffler.
Two 2.2 x 22mm phillips head muffler mounting screws.
#A3 Glow Plug (OSMG2690)
Decal Sheet
Instruction Manual

Fuel: 10% to 20% Nitro and 18% Oil content is recommended.
Prop: Break in: 7x5.
Sport: 7x5, 7x6, 8x4, 8x6, 9x4.
Aerobatic: 8x4, 8x6.

Displacement: 2.49cc (0.152 cu in)
Bore: 15.2mm (0.598")
Stroke: 13.7mm (0.539")
Output: 0.50 bhp @ 18,000rpm.
Practical rpm: 2,500 - 19,000rpm
Weight: 170g (5.99oz)
Crankshaft size: 5mm
Distance between mounting tabs: 1.53" (39mm)
Distance between mounting holes on opposite side: 1.34" (34mm)
Distance between mounting holes on same side: 0.57" (14.5mm)
Width of crankcase below mounting tabs: 0.97" (25mm)
Height from bottom of crankcase to top of cylinder head: 2.48" (63mm)
Length from end of crankshaft to backplate: 3.07" (78mm)

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