The New Raptor .50V2 Improved features now provide the entry-level helicopter pilot a stable learning platform while satisfying what the 3D pilots asked for. The .50 V2 features tough redesigned side frames, reinforced pitch control arm, improved swash plate, new fuel tank, new muffler, and a fresh new look in a colorful body shell. The rapid cyclic response makes it possible for the 3D pilot to execute crisp maneuvers like the Tic-Toc, Chaos, Death Spirals, and some we have not seen yet!
The new PV 0379 Auto Rotation Gear comes standard with the New .50 V2 Kit. This great new feature supplies tail authority during autos. Also included in the kit is a high performance muffler, header tank, and metal swashplate.

Full length of fuselage: 1150mm(46.9")
Full width of fuselage: 110mm(4.35")
Total height: 400mm(15.7")
Main rotor dia: 1345mm(52.9")
Tail rotor dia: 230mm(9")
Gear ratio: 1:8.5:4.56
Full Equipped weight: 2920g (6.4 lbs)

* Metal Swashplate
* Carbon Graphite Base Plate
* 8.5:1 Gear Ratio
* Long Tail Boom
* Long Tail Drive Belt
* Long Tail Supports
* 600 mm Wood Blades
* Raptor 60 size Tail Blade Grip System
* 46/50 Size Engine Mount
* 46/50 Size Cooling Fan Hub
* 46/50 size Polished Muffler
* 330cc Fuel Tank
* New Purple Fluorescent Decals

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