This is the electric powered radio controlled ready-to-fly Kyosho EP Caliber M24 Schweizer 300C Helicopter. Fully assembled with all pre-flight djustments completed.
Requires installing transmitter batteries and charging the on-board battery.


Using the latest technology available, the gyro, servo and motor control amp are combined into the high performance one-piece Flight Control Unit (M24-H). "S" Powered 24 High-Performance 28 turn main electric motor Uses the same cyclic control mechanism used in large-size R/C helicopters for full control in forward/reverse, left/right and hovering ability Precision Bell Hiller and seesaw rotor head system for total control High performance gyro and motor deliver reliable tail control Two stick 4 channel FM digital radio system, featuring a square Futaba-type trainer jack and charge jack Training Safety Bar allows confidence to be built during practice Can be flown indoors or outdoors in light breezes


One assembled EP Caliber M24 helicopter
One 9.6v NiMH battery with male 2-pin connector
One AC wall charger with female 2-pin connector
One 4ch radio system with trainer jack and charge jack
One pre-cut decal set
One side canopy and visor set
One training/landing gear set (mounting optional for modeller)
One extra motor pinion
One extra rear bearing/shaft retainer
One 1.5mm hex wrench
One instruction booklet


8 AA batteries for transmitter
Performing safety check before flying
Charging battery for 10 hours before flying

Length: 16.9" (430mm)
Width: 3.5" (88mm)
Height: 6.1" (154mm)
Weight: 13.4oz (380g)
Gear Ratio: Main-19:1 Tail-6:1
Main Rotor Diameter: 19.7" (500mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 5.5" (140mm)

Lithium Polymer batteries are not recommended for use in this helicopter.
The included charger states that it is for NiCd use only. It will also correctly charge the NiMH battery in this kit. However the battery must be charged for 10 hours to insure a full charge. As of this writing 8/04/04, Kyosho is working on a different battery/charger combination.
The replacement battery for this helicopter is GPMP0107.

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