This is Kyosho's radio controlled almost-ready-to-fly Caliber 30 Helicopter with the O.S. Max .32 SX-H engine.
It has the same Engineering as the 60 Size Caliber, but in a popular 30-size model that is mostly factory built.
Designed with the entry level to intermediate Heli Pilot in mind.

Final Assembly is simple and straight forward & linkages are pre-set Like the .60 size Caliber, it comes with a 2-belt drive train that also reduces noise levels. The newly developed clutch greatly reduces the effects of engine
vibration, and the large fan allows for better engine cooling. Both an Electrical Mixing System (EMS) and Mechanical Mixing System (MMS) are standard, allowing for many different types of radios to be used and 120 degree CCPM provides precise control Rotor Grips can be reversed to provide fliers with ideal set-up options: a 10mm main shaft improves reliability, while a 6mm
shaft spindle shaft improves safety A Tail-boom mounted rudder servo makes for easy maintenance and removal without losing trim settings Delivers versatile performance, from stable flight to exciting aerobatics. Compared to other helis, the Caliber .30 ARF is easy to operate, and its fun to fly!

One Kyosho ARF Caliber .30 Helicopter with OS .32 SX-H Heli engine, 11.5oz (340cc), muffler, clutch system, decals, instruction manual

6 channel Heli Radio with 5 servos
6mm Hex starter shaft (KYOE6420)

Length: 43" (1095mm)
Width: 7.5" (190mm)
Height: 16" (408mm)
Weight: 6.4 lbs (2900g)
Gear Ratio: 9.615:1:50
Main Rotor Diameter: 48.4" (1230mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 9.4" (240mm)

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